Alzahid Group has its own unique management strategy, each company of the group has its own management and works independently without going trough the centralize management. more



Alzahid Group of Companies


Alzahid Group of Companies started in 1951 with Alzahid Construction. During that time, construction was in full bloom and our parent organization was involved in town planning, construction of buildings, roads, and other facilities. It also had the honorable distinction as of being the first company to build coast guard stations along the shoreline of Saudi Arabia. By 1958 the company was in full swing, building bridges, tunnels, flyovers, roads, to mention a few. more info


Our way to success is based on trust, understanding and absolute co-operation, believing in perfect simplicity and this is all the more reason why Alzahid Group has been able to withstand the pressures and trials of time and will continue to be strong with the changing ebbs of the international business directions.

Alzahid Construction Corporation
General construction specialized in Highways, bridges, Tunnels, Municipalities, Air defense projects and more . . .


Alzahid Consulting Corporation
Specialized in Engineering consulting with corporation of international well known designers for the part of the world. more. . .



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